Journal48 Journal 49, April - June, 2017

Catching up with Fintech

Juan Pedro Cantera
Hardly a day goes by without some information about new financial technologies and their potential for not only disrupting the current state of matters but, most importantly, to be one of the most significant drivers of the financial ecosystem’s reshaping. Even though there is great dynamism in this field, there is a sense that the regulatory role of the State is not moving at the same pace; thus, exposing the financial sector’s customers and investors to unforeseen risks as well as limiting the supervised entities’ gains in efficiency. This note intends to shed some light on this matter to rebut the idea that the State is not fulfilling its regulatory and monitoring role.

Journal48 Journal 48, January - March, 2017

Is the agenda for the region set?

Juan Pedro Cantera
Recently, the Association of Supervisors of Banks of the Americas conducted a survey to learn about the expectations of bank supervisors, in relation to the impact of the global and regional economic environment, on the financial systems and the supervisory strategies to be implemented this year. This survey’s results shed some light to support the region’s financial stability and resiliency.

Diario del Supervisor Bancario Ed Esp2016 Special Edition

Dear subscriber,

The Association of Supervisors of Banks of the Americas (ASBA) is pleased to present its second Special Edition of the Journal of the Banking Supervisor. In its first section, this issue covers all international standards for financial regulation published during 2016 by the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS), the Financial Stability Board (FSB), and the Financial Action Task Force (FATF).

Journal47   No. 47 October - December, 2016


Juan Pedro Cantera
Late November, the bank supervisors around the world held their meeting in Santiago, Chile. Since this was the first time this important event was celebrated in Latin America, expectations were heightened not only for a successful meeting but, most importantly, for the messages and decisions that would come from it. Indeed, the meeting permitted regulators and supervisors to agree to a halt on developing further regulation, and instead focus their efforts on the implementation and continuous impact assessment and adjustment phase.

Journal46 No. 46. July - September, 2016


Juan Pedro Cantera, Vice-President of the Board of Directors (ASBA)
Recently, the financial sector in the Americas has been facing some growing challenges, whose origins are explained in different ways. However, common denominators include the low returns environment, the increasing competition for clients from non-banking entities that support their operations on new financial technologies, and what some have come to dub as the over-regulation of the market. This note attempts to address these matters, provoking the reader to consider thinking outside the box.

Journal45 No 45. April - June, 2016


Juan Pedro Cantera, Vice-President of the Board of Directors (ASBA)
In our latest edition, we discussed the economic challenges for the region and the potential impacts on the quality of the assets held by regulated entities and their ability to maintain their financial strength. To date, some of these challenges are materializing and, although the potential impact on economic growth in the region may not be significant, it is important to discuss once again the economic environment including the changes of competition in the financial sector, resulting from the growing influence of technological development. Indeed, this edition covers topics that will affect the agenda for regulatory development and supervisory approaches.

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