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1. Overview

FDIC is soliciting participation for the first 2018 session of FDIC 101: An Introduction to Deposit Insurance, Bank Supervision, and Resolutions, on March 12 – 16, 2018.

FDIC 101 is designed to provide a high-level overview of the FDIC’s policies and operations in a format tailored for an international audience.

During the week-long class, senior FDIC experts will:

  1. Describe the FDIC’s bank supervision activities and authority.
  2. Explain how the FDIC manages the Deposit Insurance Fund.
  3. Describe how the FDIC resolves failed banks and its role in resolution planning for systemically important financial institutions.

FDIC 101 does not intend to teach international best practices in deposit insurance, bank supervision, or resolutions; the class will only present the FDIC’s approach to these issues. By the end of the class, participants should be able to combine what they learn with their own experience to determine which lessons may be most applicable to their organizations.

A separate solicitation will be sent in early 2018 for the second session, scheduled for November 5 – 9, 2018.

2. Audience

FDIC 101 is designed for senior to mid-level managers and rising leaders from deposit insurance organizations, central banks, bank supervisors, and other international government agencies otherwise involved in financial safety net regulation and policy making.

As a policy-oriented program, participants in a position to influence policy at their organization and with a strong understanding of their respective regulatory systems and crisis management framework would benefit most from this program.

Translation services will not be offered. Students should have a strong command of English to maximize their comprehension of the training event.

3. Program Fee

The fee to attend FDIC 101 is USD 500.

Agencies’ designated point of contact will be sent an invoice by email approximately eight weeks before the session. The invoice must be paid by wire transfer or credit card no later than February 9, 2018 or the participant will be canceled from the program..

4. Candidate Profile

Participants should generally have at least five years of experience in the financial sector and be familiar with at least one of the core subjects of the class: bank supervision, bank resolutions, or deposit insurance.

Organizations will be asked to provide information about the experience and current position of their proposed candidates during registration to verify that they meet the prerequisite experience.

5. Slot Request Process

Space in the program is limited and subject to availability. Slots for the program are allocated to an organization, not individual participants. FDIC will confirm the number allocated and waitlisted spaces after reviewing all requests.

1) Complete the attached solicitation form and send it to fdic101@fdic.gov no later than December 08, 2017. The form should be submitted by an individual authorized to approve attendance and travel to international programs.

2) Slot availability will be confirmed no later than December 22, 2017.

3) Detailed participant information will be requested approximately eight weeks before the program.

Please note that space in the program is limited and subject to availability. FDIC will attempt to accommodate all interested participants.

6. Location of Training, Lodging, and Meals 

FDIC 101 will be held at the FDIC’s Arlington, Virginia, location, at the following address:

FDIC Seidman Center

3501 Fairfax Drive

Arlington, VA 22226-3500

Lodging: Lodging is available at the FDIC’s Student Residence Center in Arlington, Virginia. The nightly rate for March 2018 is $253 plus tax (10%) for a single occupancy room with kitchen facilities.

Students are not required to use the FDIC Student Residence Center and may choose to arrange lodging elsewhere.

Meals: Breakfast and lunch will be provided. Any dietary restrictions will be requested in advance of the program.

7. FDIC Contact

If you have questions about the program, you may contact the FDIC 101 Team at fdic101@fdic.gov.

8. Attachments

Slot request form Draft March 2018 schedule

For more information, please contact us at (52-55) 5662-0085 or email us asba@asbasupervision.org.