Mission, vision and objectives


Contribute to the strengthening of bank regulation and supervision and financial system stability in the Region by actively sharing information and disseminating knowledge; providing support and services that lead to increased technical capacity and leadership; supporting the adoption and implementation of sound supervisory practices; and promoting timely and relevant international dialogue.


To be acknowledged at an international level as the organization of reference regarding banking regulation and supervision issues in the Americas.


Promote and maintain close communication among the Association’s Members, in order to facilitate co-operation among them, and to promote the improvement of their respective capabilities;

Provide its members with a high-level discussion forum for the exchange of information, ideas, techniques, experiences and knowledge over their scope of competence;

Promote and carry out research and analysis on financial regulation and supervision as well as financial stability;

Organize and conduct systematic and permanent training programs as well as technical cooperation among its Members;

Promote cooperation and exchange relationships with non-member bank supervisors, with financial standard setting institutions, with international and multilateral technical cooperation institutions, with other organizations with similar objectives and with organizations representative of the supervised entities; and

In general, to carry out every activity related to its purposes.

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